Paul Currie – Re-Release the Baboons


Now on Tour with ‘Re-Release The Baboons’ in Edinburgh for the rest of the month at Heroes at the Hive, is Paul Currie performing a culmination of everything he’s done so far plus a few new ideas, and some intense non-Gluten Free comedy like I’ve never experienced.

I saw Paul Currie at the Black Box in Belfast when he was put in front of an audience after Tony Law was delayed for getting into a fist fight in an airport and missed his plane. A thirty minute ‘bonus’ show took place that had everyone shocked and laughing so hard that they became insensible, and Paul had not spoken a word for most of it.

I have never felt so childlike and carefree while at the same time laughing until I sweated. I have laughed until I cried, and laughed until I choked but constantly having the feeling that I may be being held hostage by an outrageously funny/mentally ill genius/psychopath I was burning calories out’ve confusion and an undeniable energetic joy.

Stewart Lee loves him, and that may lead you to assume he is a certain kind’ve comedian, and whatever that comedian is that you’ve assumed is incorrect. The mixture of muppet->fruit rape, penis metronomes, luck dragons, ironic digs at Amazon, references to KISS, Hovis and the most refreshing ‘airport’ material I have seen since the first time I heard any mention of airports, had me and everyone else feeling like part of a commune of enlightened beings, I was one step away from realising there was no reason to work, hate, or pursue money. Any attempt at trying to ‘get it’ will result in some accidental implosion as Paul Currie is essentially a Children’s Entertainer for adults, in that if anyone attempted to entertain children with any of this material they would soon be taken away and electrocuted on the bollocks.

Inner-child entertainment like this, does not exist. I found myself comparing Paul Currie to Vic and Bob, Monty Python, The Mighty Boosh, The Young Ones, so many surreal comedians that I had to eventually admit he was a genius, glorious to watch and unlike anything I’ve ever seen. The only thing I would say is that Vic Reeves and The Mighty Boosh had a very intense and strange live performance before they got polished onto radio and television, and Paul, if anything is akin to Vic Reeves Big Night Out in it’s original format, and that’s something you regret not seeing. I know you do, because you have to regret that.

As his performances would never translate to DVD with even a percent of the satisfaction of seeing him live, this could be a once in a lifetime opportunity for you, so if you are in the northern hemisphere head to Edinburgh and go see Paul Currie live before he becomes famous or old.

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  1. Jan Clark says:

    I totally agree. This is the second time I’ve seen Paul Currie at the fringe and it is, by far, the two funniest hours of my life.
    Anyone who can induce my usually shy and reserved partner into miming riding his pretend dragon has to be something special.
    If you want to spend an hour laughing until you cry then you have to see this show.

  2. JOHNNY FOX says:

    First & funniest show i got to see at the FRINGE. I recommended it every where I went in that beautiful city. Just GO

  3. Damn right, I caught this guy at Glasto 2013 and i’ve loved him ever since. He is so funny and he does a style of comedy that you are unlikely to see from anybody else. He is an excellent man

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