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Metropolis – Dmytro Morykit – Review


by David Roberts

Back in 1927 when the world was black and white, less people knew who Hitler was, most people could remember Oscar Wilde dying and films were starting to gain traction as a popular art form. A standard had been realised and experimentation had begun both with plot and with cinematography. A German film maker called Fritz Lang had had so much success with Metropolis that he had been hand picked by Hitler to spear head his propaganda campaigns (which he declined while running away to France understandably). Metropolis is rumoured to be Hitlers favourite film, it could be of course because of the amount of control and the leader in this film had over the public. The lead actress, Brigitte Helm, didn’t like to be associated with the film, but when you’re Hitler’s favourite actress from about 1938 onwards you’ll probably not want to brag about that.
Fritz Lang decided to Metropolis and it was ground breaking achievement. Now it’s hard to understand why this film was so important if you watch it after the matrix for example or some more up to date reference, but I’ve been watching nothing but silent movies for the past month, so I was very excited to it as it is said to be the world’s first feature length sci-fi film.

Metropolis is based in a dystopian future, and within seconds of its first scene it has Orwell, Aushwitz and Bioshock plastered all over it which is odd since these things all happened a long time afterwards. The film, which I’ll get to, is only half the reason I was in the crescent art centre this evening. The main half is a man who has decided for whatever reason to write and arrange an incredible new soundtrack for the film. Coming in at approx 2 hours Dmytro Morykit brings the film to life in a haunting and engaging fashion. Despite sitting perfectly lit and only feet from the cinema screen Dmytro Morykit somehow blends into the background while still lifting you and leading you through the sinister Metropolis that gave the film its name. Many people have done versions of this including Adam and and Freddy Mercury and this relatively modest musician has written a beautiful work that sits comfortably amongst gods. If you are in the future reading this and Dmytro has become a multi billionaire and is now living in the moon I suggest you get the dvd and Spotify this one. Press play at the same time on both just like with the dark side of the moon and the wizard of Oz you crazy stoners. Assuming you can still get Spotify and it hasn’t been replaced by something else. Like your favourite albums being released in healthy gluten free food or something.
Despite the hiccups and technical difficulties at the beginning the first half of the film before the intermission was very interesting, really capturing the mood and somehow the feeling of the future through the eyes of people in the past. For me the Tango Tease is one of the best things that Dmytro did, and the particular night I saw him the second half, he was for want of a better phrase, on fire. Even now listening back to the music I enjoyed that night it is perfectly listenable and beautifully played but on the night I forgot where I was and was just floating on a cloud, and I’m not sure if you’ve ever tried to watch a silent movie but most of them don’t as much grab your attention as they are a visual lullaby that was probably awesome at the time. A lot of the tracks are reimaginings of his own early compositions that have now found a home in Metropolis and some were freshly written for this project and it is incredible start to finish.

Dmytro is playing in the Waterside Theatre on the 20th January 2015 and then he is back to London.

Alestorm – Live – Mandela Hall, Belfast

Alestorm commandeering Mandela Hall, Belfast.

by David Roberts

I’ve never seen Alestorm live before, I don’t know if it’s out of envy or stupidity or maybe I was just worried that my love for metal and pirates would culminate in some sort’ve terrible sexual release that would have me forcibly removed from the venue before the band even came on. If the following review reads as detailed as a first hand account from a schizophrenic trying to remember why they killed their sister in a shopping mall, that’s because I was playing “drink a long with Lagerstein” which you may remember from your childhood under the different name “kill yourself with alcohol” so my memories have been somewhat distorted. This is the truth as I remember it.

I feel I should take a few seconds to discuss the support acts, as the lower bands on the roster are typically somewhat less famous but are also four different but brilliant genres of pirate metal. They have made records as the fastest metal splinter-genre to explode into it’s own micro genres blissfully in the midst of Alestorm’s piratefest.


Armed with such instruments as a Nintendo Gameboy and a Sega Mega Drive and possibly a variety of synergetic mental illnesses is rainbowdragoneyes. You can experience a less intense version on Spotify where you will find his albums but the performance was more enthusiastic and enrapturing than you would believe a single man could achieve. It’s like being trapped in/on Monkey Island just as you start to go mad, but in a brilliant way.


Following this was Redrum, which I must admit are the only band I had not heard going in, but they have chosen their target audience perfectly. Redrum made me realise that the room was full of WOW players, LOTR fans, Cosplayers, and with the help of some powerful pirate metal I felt part of this plethora of miscreants, having never been cool enough in the past to have been associated with such like minded people. I’m fairly sure I heard someone say ‘If he says “They’re taking the Hobbits to Isengard I’m gonna lose my shit.”

Redrum were one of the few bands who had a more traditional shanty feel to some of their songs while also being self aware enough to step away from piratey things and take the aforementioned Hobbits to Isengard. Which was famously difficult to do before Isengard Kingdom Brunel built the Great Middle-Earth railway line. Is this thing on? Anyway they were great, much better than my attempt to replicate an age old joke that only really works if you have a microphone.


Lagerstein are the band that if you were made to choose you would say these ones were actually Pirates. Drinking games galore, brilliantly catchy songs, and beer just everywhere. I felt like I was truly part of someones crew and they really inspire an allegiance. I must remind you by this point I was absolutely wasted. Every time any of the band members were given a second to breathe they took a beer bong, or had a drinking competition of some respect. This is a party band and if you are moping around in the background muttering ‘this isn’t real metal’ to yourself then you can fuck off while the rest of us have a night of extreme partying and fun you massive self obsessed prick. You would never see me doing something as self indulgent as ramming my opinions all over the internet to a grand total of no people at all. I think I may have reached a total viewership of 24 and only 15 of them are likely to be me in different parts of the country.


Now for the moment I’ve all been waiting for. By myself. Alestorm finally come on stage, my alcohol content in my blood is now at a ratio of 1:1 and I am excited and celebrating like a girl by bouncing up and down until my breasts jiggle with delight. Walk the Plank kicks in and I am singing my throat raw already, and from here on in it’s just brilliant song after brilliant song after brilliant Piratey, Rum fuelled genius. The overwhelming feeling I’m getting is that I can’t understand why the entire world isn’t obsessed with this band. Alestorm are pure unadulterated fun, Gary the Monkey Bastard on guest vocals for Midget Saw made my night, and the song that even the band themselves deem silly but awesome Wooden Leg was a particular favourite of a guy next to me. Though he had mentioned earlier that he dated a few racist Chinese girls, so it may be entirely because of the “You Japanese Bastards” line. Though in the context of the song it’s specifically about those that cut the arms off the protagonist of the song.

1741 (The battle of Cartagena), is by far my favourite song, but live is just something else. I also have yet to tell if new Keyboardist Elliot Vernon is a direct descendant of Edward Vernon from actual real life Battle of Cartagena fame or if that’s just a coincidence. Maybe he’s a Vampirate and it’s actually the same guy. Having now ascended to Pirate Metal heaven I immediately bought all their albums I could on vinyl. Which I think is just the new one.

The thing that makes this a festival, and possibly the most fun, is the incestuous use of band members. Every band had bits of other bands doing guest vocals, bass parts, or simply just drinking from the optics from Pete’s drumkit. If they are coming near you, go and see it, it’s hovering around the top five of my favourite gigs ever. (Get their album for free from here)