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Richard Herring – Lord of the Dance Settee Review – Belfast


by David Roberts

I have to admit this will be biased. I am obsessed with Richard Herring at the moment, wether I end up preparing a well inside a shrine with increasingly disturbing images of him is yet to be seen. I think my obsession will probably stop after I have bought everything he has every made and funded Chris Evans’ from gofasterstripe with enough money to build his own o2 size arena wherein he may keep Richard Herring, Tony Law, Stewart Lee (the thin one from the 90s) Lucy Porter and all the other comedians in cages like Papa Lazarou and his wives. I imagine Chris feeding them events and experiences, so they can keep writing, through a machine that is a cross between the Ludovico technique from A Clockwork Orange and the one from Total Recall and then forcing them out on to stage one after another to create a DVD each a week, putting me into perpetual debt until I can no longer afford to laugh let alone eat food or buy DVDs. I think it may be worth it though.

Richard Herring has had a long career one that would have started to bear much more fruit than it has if he would only give in to the wishes of the general fucking moronic public and write/perform comedy that is intrinsically shit and appalling unfunny. Fortunately for us, or at least me, he insists on writing obscure clever genius comedy in a way that he has become the yard stick with which to measure wether a comedian is a funny person or just a performer saying funny things.

It is my experience with progressive rock music that the first time I listen to it, it is tedious, endless, repetitive and pointless and barely worth the money. Once I come back to it though the music has taken on a new veil, the notes, the small passages and the harmonised background vocals now sound, not only good, but better than anything else I have ever heard.

Richard Herring is the comedic version of this sudden epiphany and his new show Lord of the Dance Settee is proof of this. Some of the jokes are beautifully rewritten versions of stories that you can probably find on a podcast somewhere, but don’t make the mistake of thinking he is rehashing anything as this is someone who, via radio, podcasts, blogs, books, stand up shows or DVD extras, has documented at the very least 50% of his life. If he ever needs an alibi, the detective in charge needs only to spend between 3 and 12 pounds to have some sort’ve evidence.

Herring has always had a serious topic or theme for his shows, be it politics and racism, religion, growing older or even just willies. This show takes a more casual look at a few things he has written in the past, and wether his most successful shows are behind him. Self indulgent this may sound but that’s only because it is, though Richard Herring is the master of ejaculating the silver sheen of irony over everything so frequently that you can enjoy his self indulgence as if it was your own.

The Belfast show was one of the strongest of his I have ever seen, though the first I have managed to see live, the crowd seemed to get all the jokes very quickly, nobody was so drunk that they decided to ruin the show and there was enough time and such a good energy that he seemed to be able to improvise a few things, though side stepped his Northern Irish impression in favour of trying to unite protestants and catholics by offending them both enough that they would join forces against him. The Dave Manager material will, without a doubt, be the bit that is used to illustrate to your incredulous stupid friends that Richard Herring is a comedy genius.

It is strong material, a fantastic show, definitely much easier to digest for people who don’t know him particularly well, the show is evolving and he is still on tour so fly somewhere and see him, I personally have seen him live in two countries in the past month and I’m very lazy. Apart from me drunkenly assaulting him with kindness at the end of the show, embarrassingly just short of yelling “Please be my friend” over and over again, everything went more smoothly than most comedy gigs and it was great to see a Belfast crowd appreciating what is a rather refined taste of comedy.

Richard Herring is currently doing a million things.

Lord Of the Dance Settee and other Live things

RHLSTP : An interview podcast with comedians and amusing non-comedians, one of the best things ever made.

RHMOL: An online TV show discussing the meaning of life via standup and interviews with intelligent interesting people who are qualified to talk about death or what happened before the big bang and the like.

Me1 vs Me2 Snooker : A podcast wherein Richard plays snooker with himself and commentates on it. It’s been considered to be a documentation of his mental collapse. a website where you can go to pay for comedians dvds and the like, most of which gets pumped back into the making and selling of more dvds of shows. There’s a sale on right now on a massive chunk of the best stuff so I suggest you take a good look at your friends and family and buy them all dvds for christmas.